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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people give for seeing a doctor. Dr. Liphard D’Souza is a board-certified neurologist and pain management specialist who leads the team at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma in Tulsa. He’s passionate about treating your back pain with effective therapies that don’t require surgery or use of narcotic-type pain medications. Schedule a visit with Dr. D’Souza today for relief from your back pain. Call the office or book your visit online.

Back Pain

What causes back pain?

Back pain may be due to:

  • Muscle, ligament, and other soft tissue strain
  • Changes in the structure of your spine
  • Nerve compression, irritation, and damage

There are many underlying factors that can lead to back pain, including:

  • Improper lifting techniques or overuse of your back muscles
  • Age-related changes such as herniated discs, osteoarthritis, and other wear-and-tear deterioration involving your spine
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis) that causes nerve compression
  • Systemic diseases such as diabetes, which can damage nerve tissue and cause neuropathy
  • Skeletal irregularities such as scoliosis, which causes your spine to curve to the side

How can you tell what’s causing my back pain?

Dr. D’Souza uses his medical expertise and a variety of techniques to diagnose the underlying cause of your back pain. He starts with a thorough physical exam and careful review of the type of discomfort you’re experiencing.

Symptoms that indicate a back issue may include:

  • Muscle aching and stiffness in your middle, upper, or lower back
  • Shooting or stabbing pain that may start in your back and travel into your legs
  • A sensation of an electrical shock
  • Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing, or walking
  • Pain that improves with reclining
  • Numbness, tingling, and weakness in your legs

The type of pain you’re having can often provide clues to the origin of your pain. Numbness, tingling, and weakness in the legs, for instance, is often due to sciatic nerve dysfunction.

X-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic tests such as nerve conduction studies provide more detailed information about what’s causing your pain.

What is the treatment for back pain?

Treatment varies and depends on the cause of your pain. Dr. D’Souza may recommend physical therapy, lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of damaging your back, and treatment for neuropathy.

One very effective treatment he often recommends for nerve irritation is combined electrochemical therapy (CET), which provides pain relief via an anesthetic nerve block and low-level electrical signals delivered to the affected nerves.   

Regardless of what’s causing your back pain, you can rely on Dr. D’Souza’s training and medical expertise to provide effective treatment solutions. Call today to schedule an appointment or book your visit online.